NES SHOES sustainable designer shoes factory



Since 2008 one of the brand’s main focuses is sustainability. Driven towards conscious practices intrinsic to its design & message, NES Shoes products are mainly created from vegan, recycled and/or recyclable raw materials in an increasingly environmentally-friendly way.

Consumers are moved by the desire to wear comfortable and fashionable items. However, considerations regarding the negative impact of the use of traditional non-recyclable materials, still remains to be encouraged.
It was precisely the reason that our project found an opportunity to make the difference by creating ever-green, yet fashionable footwear and accessories, and insisting on local, eco-friendly, innovative production.


Handcrafting each product is preceded by a lengthy and careful process of designing and coloring. We are combining classic styles with the most unique materials in order to offer the luxury of exclusive footwear.

Each product is made of 100% genuine leather and/or vegan substitute with genuine leather or rubber sole. These materials are sourced in different ways. The biggest part of our inventory is the so-called dead stock, which is a wide range of pre-consumer recycled leather, including calf, nubuck, patent and suede types. On the other hand, we often work with plant-based alternative leathers, for example Pinatex which is organically made of the leaves of the pineapple.
In case of the other materials, such as thread, buckles, zippers or sole materials, the brand is determined to favorize local providers. Our packaging is fully made of recycled materials and purchased from a Hungarian producer. For the accessories we use a very innovative little bag made of corn starch.

By using the above mentioned materials NES Shoes creates a win-win situation in the fashion industry. In addition to environmental sustainability and conscious sourcing, the limited availability of the materials eventuate exclusivity for each collection. Uniqueness is guaranteed, since the in-stock products, which are harmonic color combinations by the designer, are made in extremely limited numbers only (3-8 pairs).


There is a solid producer background, a local manufacturer, which provides the perfect scenario for the production with its own sustainable characteristics.

Since 2015 production has been based in Nyíregyháza in the rural area of Hungary at a biomass-heated manufactury, using solar panel electricity. The smaller sized factory is segmented to satisfy local and international designer brands, including product development, visual and technical designing, sampling and production. All products of NES Shoes are hand-made by local professionals on high quality standards.

NES Shoes firmly believes in the importance of keeping the production within the country, especially in rural areas. By providing a workplace to qualified workers being paid fair wages, with years of experience in the field, our project contributes to the development of the local economy and directly benefits a small part of the community.

By combining our vast experience in the shoe manufacturing industry and awareness of the need for sustainable solutions, we are able to make available items which are environmentally friendly and finely designed, sold directly in our online shop. Such an approach also gives the chance to positively impact the local manufacturing industry, by giving employment to qualified workers in the region. The local professionals are supported by a stable and predictable workplace where their work is truly valued.

We are proud to have our design, sourcing, brand and line of production all within the same country, Hungary. That acts as an incentive to focus on the production of an utterly authentic, contemporary style of footwear and on having a beneficial long-term impact on the local industry.


NES Shoes products are created for two types of customers. Those who are already aware of environment friendly, sustainable living, including clothing and accessories. Our collections are appealing for the customer not only because their production is sustainable, but also because they are fashionable, outstanding pieces.
On the other hand, there are those customers who are sensitive to fashion but not necessarily matching it with the idea of sustainability, which is not yet in their daily life's focus. The trend sensitive customer will necessarily meet the idea of circular fashion and sustainability not only by the transparency of our design and production habits, but by our customer care and repair service providing lifelong maintenance to our shoes.