NES SHOES one of a kind tailor-made hand-made egyedi kezzel keszult cipo

one-of-a-kind and limited series production


Exclusivity is guaranteed in case of every in-stock product, since all combinations are unique and made in extremely limited numbers only (3-8 pairs). After a certain model is technically ready to produce, the designer team creates harmonic colour and material combinations interlacing the classic, ever-green and the most recent trends and these are part of the in-stock collection.
Besides, there is still the possibility for personalized, tailor-made orders, when the client and the designer will create the shoes' design together. Considering that the brand's mission strictly includes offering uniqueness and avoiding overproduction, it is assured that the same footwear will not walk by very often.

Fully personalized, so called Tailor-made orders are still available. By this purchase, the experience will be that the client and the designer create together the dream shoes covering the thread colour and the lining material. The client is able to choose her/his own colours and materials based on personal taste, ideas, lifestyle which will be crafted personally for her/him. We are happy to assist concerning sizing, fits, materials and colours. After the order is made, we contact the customer within 48 hours (workingday) and set an online or offline session. The production time is 12-18 working days.
This experience might be an exclusive, thoughtful gift idea for a beloved one. For personalized gift card please, do not hesitate to contact us!



"For me, the NES products were always much more than just simple shoes or bags. They are a small universe that helps me define in a very practical way my values and my life style. They are elegant and refined but not pretencious, they have design elements that come from the past and invite you to project yourself into the future. The fact that they are eco conscious inspires me to be self councious about what I wear and what I consume. I have a huge NES bag bought 14 years ago that was a like a best friend for years. I could carry in it with the same elegance: my laptop, the diapers of my infant or the groceries. It was in the same time a practical bag, a pet and a fashion item. I also had a very personal relation with all my NES shoes, as they could walk me anywhere I wanted in confort, as well as they have allowed me to feel like a lady." Rucsandra P.