Andrea Szilágyi, a graduate of Studio Berçot in Paris, founded her brand, NES Shoes in 2004: environmentally-friendly shoes for men, women and children. NES Shoes has exhibited in Paris and expanded partnerships with British, German, Swiss, Japanese, Romanian and Hungarian stores and showrooms.

Since 2008 the brand’s main profile focused on individual & customised orders. Driven towards sustainable practices intrinsic to its design & message, NES products are created exclusively from natural, vegan, recycled and/or recyclable raw materials in an increasingly environmentally-friendly way. Since 2015 production has been based in Nyíregyháza in Hungary at a biomass-heated manufactury, using part-solar panel electricity, where they also strive to procure local raw materials. The smaller sized factory is segmented to satisfy local and international designer brands, including product development, visual and technical designing, sampling and production. The products of NES Shoes are hand-made by local professionals.

In 2020, alongside continued individual orders, a new chapter of limited edition series production where Brand and Manufacturer are now intertwined, has begun for NES shoes. Following the image development of production, Erna Sziky, managing director of Nestta Cipő Ltd. and Andrea bring their products to life together. The Hungarian and International customer may now choose from a limited series of sophisticated, unique shoes from an increased product range.

NES Shoes is not just a brand, it is a mission for the team. Sustainable practices are core from material sourcing through Hungarian production till the limited availability.

Exclusivity is guaranteed, since the in-stock products, which are harmonic colour combinations by the designer, are made in extremely limited numbers only (3-8 pairs). Besides, there is still the possibility for personalized, tailor-made orders, when the client and the designer will create the shoes' design together.

NES Shoes aims to provide the feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness as you go about your conscious way: forward-looking, ever-evolving ethical manufacturing and design that will change the way you think about eco-friendly shoes.


The company was established in 2012. Regarding main activities, ownership and leadership the company made a significant turn in the beginning of 2019. It started to design, produce and retail kids, men and women footwear and leather accessories. The company is working for international brands as wagework, and also has in-house brands.
Sustainability is playing an important role in the daily operation of the company. The team comprises local professionals and provides a stable and predictable workplace for the region.

The factory is able to generate renewable energy with a biomass heating system and solar energy system. The materials used for the in-house brand’s products are exclusively sourced locally, which are often recycled, vegan or biodegradable materials.



"For me, the NES products were always much more than just simple shoes or bags. They are a small universe that helps me define in a very practical way my values and my life style. They are elegant and refined but not pretencious, they have design elements that come from the past and invite you to project yourself into the future. The fact that they are eco conscious inspires me to be self councious about what I wear and what I consume. I have a huge NES bag bought 14 years ago that was a like a best friend for years. I could carry in it with the same elegance: my laptop, the diapers of my infant or the groceries. It was in the same time a practical bag, a pet and a fashion item. I also had a very personal relation with all my NES shoes, as they could walk me anywhere I wanted in confort, as well as they have allowed me to feel like a lady.” Rucsandra P.